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Frequently Asked Questions


Basically, Timewebs for everyone who has a need to visualize events on a timeline and explore links to people, locations, objects.

To provide inspiration we have defined a number of Use Cases from you to choose from.

When you register you may also choose to load some of our sample cases for further inspiration. 

We want everyone to be able to use Timeline Investigator. But for the moment we only support English language. The translation feature in many browsers may hepl you a little. Later, we hope to add many more.

Please let us know if this is something would like to request. 

Application Help

A case is a grouping of of elements added to Timewebs. It can be a project, an investigation, a trip, a social event, etc. 

You are free to add as many cases as you want to. 

Events are records of something that happened or will happen. 

An Event will always have a start and end date/time. The start and end date/time can be the same. 

Identities are people, either real or fictional.

Depending on your use case an Identity can be a person of interest, a family member, a travel companion, a historic figure, an unknown perpetrator, a fictional character, etc.

Entities are objects of various forms. Currently, you can choose from Organization, Location or Object.

Organizations can by e.g. companies, clubs, gangs, families, etc.

An Object can be material object, e.g. a book, a weapon, a server, a car, etc. Or it can be an immaterial object, e.g. a piece of legislation, an intellectual product, or an idea. 


A Location can be any location you wish to have its own Entity. Remember, you can add Location to any object in Timewebs so choose this Entity type only when you have to.

You can share a case to as many Timewebs users as you’d like

Click the gear icon left of the case name to show the Settings menu, then click Share Case to add users by email address. 

If the user is not already using Timewebs the user will get access once he/she registers the first time.

Beware: Once you share a case the other users sharing the case are able to add and delete anything in the case, including the case itself.



Relationship are any links between objects in Timewebs.

A Relationship can be a friendship, family relation or another association directly

between two Identities. A Relationship can also be a relationship between a person (Identity) and a family (Organization). A relationship can also be between an Event and an Identity to record that this person is directly involved in this Event.

There are no limits to how many Relationships that may be created, nor which objects they can be between.

Beware, having too many Relationships defined can make the case more challenging to navigate, cause maps and Relationship diagrams to become overly cluttered.

For this reason, it is best practice to define principles of when direct Relationships are defined in your case, and when they defined indirectly via another object.

Files are any file you choose to upload to your case. It can be text files, e.g. documents. Or it can be pictures. It can also be containers, e.g. zip-files.

Files are uploaded and linked to objects, e.g. an Event, an Identity or an Entity. A file may also be unlinked and linked to another object at a later time. A file can be linked to an unlimited number of objects.  

Timewebs will attempt to index text in any file, even in pictures using OCR, so that it can be easily retrieved using search and linked to objects.

Currently, files inside zip-files will be indexed as one file. 

Timewebs support Emojis.
Just Right-click in your browser and choose your preferred emoji.

In the Classical Timeline view, it’s possible to colorcode the individual events.


We use what is called a freemium model. It means that Timewebs is free to use until you hit a certain level of usage. Current, you are able to create up to 50 objects. An object can be an event, identity, entity or file. 

If you work in a team the other team members also have the same amount to use. So your case may have 100 objects with the free subscription, each creating 50 objects.


Yes, Timewebs is fully GDPR compliant. 

Pursuant our Terms of Service we do not use or sell your data. 

We do track how you are using our service but not in a way where we are able to identify you or your contact details.

Yes, the data is stored encrypted in a dedicated tenant in Google Compute Cloud in Nordic Region (Finland), data is encrypted in transit using TLS.

In the current state, the admins on the platform are able to access the data through technical interfaces – strictly for technical data management and troubleshooting purposes. This access involves 5 persons from Avian in Denmark and France. All are security cleared to NATO Secret level by the Danish Government as suppliers. Technical measures are being developed to limit this access further in the future.

Delivering through an online platform helps us manage just one platform, and keep the pricing low for most users.

However, Timewebs can be deployed on-premise/behind the firewall. Please contact us for an enterprise agreement to deploy Timewebs on-premise. 

Timewebs uses the following data sub processors:

  • Google
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Ads
    • Google Maps
  • Hotjar
  • One.com
  • Microsoft

Format support and integrations

The future roadmap will extend the file upload feature to support additional file types, including complex containers, e.g. PST-files, hard drive acquisitions and phone extraction formats. Also, we plan to integrate with e.g. Google Timeline, iCloud, Open Corporates, OSINT technologies, Funnel, etc.

We recommend using Timewebs from a desktop or a tablet in portrait orientation.

If you must use Timewebs from a phone we recommend that you switch to the “Desktop Site” setting in Google Chrome. 

Currently, we do not support this integration. However, we have it on our roadmap. 

If it is important for you, we suggest contacting us so that we can prioritize accrodingly.

About Timewebs

Timewebs is being developed by Avian Digital Forensics, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Avian Digital Forensics is an international full-service provider of Digital Investigations technologies and professional services.